Morning Would pUNK/Myers August 2015
I'm 'Appy pUNK/Myers May 2015
Diaper Rash Blues pUNK/Myers June 2007
Tequila Sheila pUNK/Myers January 2010
The Power Of God pUNK/Myers January 2008
Get Stephen Myers/pUNK/Diomede November 2008
Easter In Vegas pUNK/Myers Easter 1996/Easter 2002
To Get Home To You pUNK/Myers September 2008
Slo Mo Sue pUNK/Myers December 2006
Stefi pUNK/Myers December 2006
Set Me Free pUNK/Myers October 2005
What If I Belonged To You pUNK December 2001
She Ain't No Bitch pUNK/Hunter October 2001
She Takes Me Back pUNK/Myers Summer 2000
Coming Back pUNK August 1995
Chasing Sunsets pUNK October 1991
Song To Find You pUNK September 1991
Speak In Tongues pUNK/Fantini June 1990
Making Music Is A Game pUNK April 1990
I Shall Be Home pUNK/Dorwart October 1989
Next pUNK 1989
Walkin' Jive pUNK September 1988
Diesel And Propane pUNK May 1988
Turn Her Bad pUNK 1988
She Is You To Me pUNK 1985?
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